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Breathe on me, Breath of God
The author of this text, the Rev. Edwin Hatch, D.D. (1835-1889), was educated at King Edward's School, Birmingham and Pembroke College, Oxford, after which he became Professor of Classics at Trinity College, Toronto and held other positions in Canada, before being appointed Reader in Ecclesiastical History at Oxford. In this capacity he gave the Bampton Lectures of 1880 on The Organization of the Early Christian Churches, a radical and brilliant work that definitively showed that no church -- whether Eastern or Western -- had any historical basis for claiming an Apostolical Succession. His hymn, "Breathe on me breath of God," was published in a pamphlet called Be­tween Doubt and Pray­er (1878), and subsequently republished after his death in a collection of his religious verse called Towards Fields of Light (1889). Joseph Ganthony (d. 1795)was a string player as well as a composer, and from 1770 to 1785 was the Parish Schoolmaster at St. Giles Cripplegate in London. He seems to have spent the last ten years of his life in Dublin. His tune "St. Giles Cripplegate" was published in Ganthony's Christmas Anthem, Two Psalm Tunes and an Epitaph Canon (1778).
The Rev. Edwin Hatch, D.D. (1835-1889)
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