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Oh! for that flame of living fire
The Rev. William Hiley Bathurst (1796-1877) was educated at Winchester College and Christ Church, Oxford, where he obtained his M.A. and was ordained. For thirty years he was Rector of Barwick-on-Elmet near Leeds. He was an evangelical and had scruples over parts of the baptism and funeral services in The Book of Common Prayer, and in 1852 he resigned his holy orders. He continued active in the Church of England as a layman, and took a particular interest in the Church Missionary Society. He was subsequently elected Member of Parliament for Bristol. This hymn text was published in Psalms and Hymns for Public and Private Use. It was sung to a number of tunes including "Winchester New" (as here set) and "Wareham."

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The Rev. William Hiley Bathurst, M.A. (1796-1877)
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