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From the Hallowed Belfry Tower
This carol was collected by Janet Blunt from William Walton of Adderbury in October 1916. Other versions of this carol ascribe it to Arthur T. George and include several additional stanzas:

From the hallow'd belfry tower,
Hark resounds the midnight hour,
Seek who will the silent sleep,
We our yearly vigil keep.
And our solemn carol raise,
Duly to the Saviours praise;
Virgin born thy praise we sing,
Son of the almighty king.

Hail the night and hail the morn
Which beheld the Saviour born!
When in Bethlehem's wakeful fold,
Tidings good the angels told;
Tidings full of joy and grace,
To each child of Adam's race;
God in form of man arrayed,
God for man a servant made.

Virgin born, Thy praise we sing
Son of the Eternal King!
When, in Thee, the Angel's voice
Bade the shepherd's hearts rejoice.
Straight was heard the answering cry,
"Glory be to God on high."
Echoed from the heavenly train,
"Peace on earth, goodwill to men."

Hark! we catch the heavenly song;
Hark! the cherub's hymn prolong;
"Glory be to God on high!"
Who, enthroned above the sky,
Deigns to cast his eye below,
And to bless this world of woe,
Send His Son our flesh to take,
Humbled thus for sinners' sake.

Thus to hail Thy natal day
Prompted by those angels' lay;
Virgin-born! Thy praise we sing,
Son of the Eternal King!
Grant us, as we sing to live,
Grant us, day by day, to give
Glory, first ot God, and then
Peace on earth, good will to men.

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Salisbury Cathedral, showing the detached belfry, demolished in 1790
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