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Cradle hymn of the Virgin
The text of this short lullaby is of Dutch origin, and comes from a book entitled Jesu Christi Dei Domini Salvatoris nostra Infantia ("The Infancy of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ"), a collection of prints and accompanying verses by Flemish engraver Hieronymus Wierix (15531619). Samuel Taylor Coleridge saw this engraving while touring Germany with his friend William wordsworth in 1799, and published his English translation in The Courier in 1811. A musical arrangement by Beppo Nemo [?] was published in Boston 1881. The text is here, however, paired with a tune by Henry Stephen Cutler (1825-1902), Organist of Trinity Church, Wall Street, New York.

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Wierix's engraving is titled "The Virgin Sewing While Angels Rock Her Son to Sleep", a woodcutting of the infant Jesus asleep in a cradle, rocked by two angels, while the Virgin Mary sits alongside engaged in needlework [Wikipedia].
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