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Hark! the herald angels sing (Sa da hon sah dat ne ji)
The Oneida Indians were dispossessed of their lands in New York State and moved to Wisconsin in the 1820s and 1830s. The Rev. Abraham W. Sickles (1810-1884) was an Oneida chief and Wesleyan missionary who moved with the Oneida Indians to Wisconsin and later moved to Canada. In 1855 he published A Collection of Hymns in the Oneida Language for the Use of Native Christians (Toronto: Wesleyan Missionary Society, 1855). Most of the Oneida Indians were either Methodist or Episcopalian, and John Henry Hobart, who had been their Bishop in New York was particularly concerned with their welfare in Wisconsin. He encouraged the Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society of the Episcopal Church to send out Jackson Kemper as Missionary Bishop to Wisconsin, and also one of his own priests, the Rev. Richard Fish Cadell, who became one of Kemper's assistants and the first Principal of the Nashotah House Seminary. The Episcopalians as well as the Methodists made use of Abraham Sickles' hymnbook. This does not include the tunes that were used, but I have chosen Dr. Worgan's tune, "Redeeming Love," since it seems to have been the tune most commonly used among Methodists at the time.

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The Hobart Church, Oneida, Wisconsin, named in honor of the Right Rev. John Henry Hobart, D.D. (1775-1830), 3rd. Bishop of New York. The church was rebuilt and became the Episcopal Church of the Apostles in 1886
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