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Joy fills our inmost hearts today (Robyn)
Alfred George Robyn, Mus. Doc. (1860-1935), though a Roman Catholic, spent most of his life working outside his own church. He came from St. Louis and was successively organist of St. John's Episcopal Church, Grand Avenue Congregational Church, Temple Israel Reform Synagogue, and the Episcopal Church of the Holy Communion (from 1898). In 1909 he moved to New York and became organist of Tompkins Avenue Congregational Church, Brooklyn, in succession to Clarence Eddy.

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Temple Israel Reform Synagogue, Kingshighway, St. Louis, Missouri, founded 1886. The synagogue possessed a three-manual Kilgen organ, and Robyn appears to have been recruited as the first organist. The synagogue has subsequently moved to the suburbs, but the building still survives at "Holy Corners."
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