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Cradled all lowly
This carol was widely sung in nineteenth-century America, though usually to a tune, "Dans cette étable," by Gounod, but here is another tune by an American composer. The text is by the Englishman H. B. Farnie (1836-1889), who was a popular librettist and adapter of French operettas, whose popularity rivalled those of Gilbert and Sullivan. Both his wives divorced him for adultery, and it was the source of considerable scandal that his second wife also complained of cruelty. lived most of his life in Scotland and had degrees from St. Andrew's and Cambridge Universities.

The composer of the tune, John Hyatt Brewer (1856-1931), was an organ student of Dudley Buck, and was organist of several New York churches. At the time he published this carol in 1877 he was beginning his career as organist of Dr. Bedington's Church in Brooklyn. After several other positions, he ended up the long-term organist of Lafayette Avenue Presbyterian Church in New York City.

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John Hyatt Brewer (1856-1931)
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