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'Ark, 'ark, the 'eavenly angels sing (Wisconsin)
A most curious and obviously fragmentary Christmas carol collected in Wisconsin. It may ultimately be derived from an anonymous English Christmas carol that was published by William & Charles Cornish, 37 New Street, Birmingham in Christmas Carols (1869) which went as follows:

Hark! hark! the heavenly angels sing!
Behold, what glorious news they bring;
The promised Saviour from on high
This day doth in a manger lie.
Christians, awake and shout for joy,
And raise your voices to the sky;
With cheerful hearts rejoice and sing,
And praise your new-born heavenly King.

Oh! let us all be glad to-day,
And with the shepherds homage pay;
Come, see what God to us hath given,
His only Son sent down from heaven.
Christians awake, &c.

From all our souls glad songs shall ring;
Of him each day we'll gladly sing,
And glad hosannas we will raise
From hearts that love to sing his praise.
Christians awake, &c.

The heavenly choir unite in praise,
And gladsome strains the angels raise;
The shepherds, hearing Christ is born,
To Jesus, the Chief Shepherd, turn.
Christians awake, &c.

Glory and praise be to his Name,
That he for us a Child became!
To Father, Son and Spirit now
And ever let all creatures bow.
Christians awake, &c.

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"A Home in the Wilderness," Currier & Ives print, 1870
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