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John Lugge (1580-1647) was organist of Exeter Cathedral during the Laudian Period. Like many organists of his day he had Catholic sympathies, and his bishop had to assure Archbishop Laud that he at least outwardly conformed to the Church of England. His son, Robert Lugge, who was organist of St. John's College, Oxford, went further and actually did convert to Catholicism. He attempted to flee to the Continent, but was captured by Laud's men and sent back to his father in Exeter with a flea in his ear. The word underlay of this Venite, from John Lugge's Short Service, is not clear, and this edition may not be exactly what the composer intended. Download PDF
The Pulpitum, Exeter Cathedral, engraved by J. Le Keux in 1827. I leave it to the reader's imagination to supply the organ that stood on it in John Lugge's day, as John Loosemore's magnificent organ was not placed here until 1665
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