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Acquaint thyself with God (Maurice Greene)
All things fair and bright are thine (Oliver Shaw)
Almighty Lord, dispose each mind (Thomas Attwood)
And is the Gospel peace and love?
As I went on a merry morning
Ave Maria (César Franck)
Ave Regina (Samuel Wesley)
Ave Sanctissima (Felicia Hemans)
Awake, put on thy strength (William Jackson)
Behold the Rose of Sharon here
Blessed are all they that fear the Lord (William Hayes)
Blessed are the pure in heart (Faustina Hasse Hodges)
Blessed be the Lord God of Israel (Orlando Gibbons)
Blessed is he whose hope is in the Lord (William Jackson)
Bridle of the wild colts
Bright the vision that delighted (J. H. Wilcox)
Carol for Saint Hugh of Lincoln's Day
Christ hath a garden walled around
Daughter of Zion, awake!
Enter not into judgement (Thomas Attwood)
From all who dwell below the skies (Samuel Arnold)
From all who dwell below the skies (Henry Smart)
From Sheba a distant report (Queen of Sheba)
God be in my head
God, our Father and our Mother (Shaker Hymn)
Hail to the Bard!
Haste thee, O Lord (Thomas Ford)
Heavenly Father, Heavenly Mother (Shaker Hymn)
Hold thou my hands
Honor and majesty (Maurice Greene)
How firm a foundation
How happy is the man who hears
Tye, How long wilt thou forget me, Lord?
How pleasant, how divinely fair
I feel the winds of God today
I will magnify thee (Richard Church)
I will magnify thee (Philip Hayes)
I will sing of the Lord (Jeremiah Clarke)
Infinite love (Shaker Hymn)
Let songs of joy to God ascend
Lo, as the potter molds his clay
Lonely traveler
Lord of all power and might (William Mason)
Lord, what was man, when made at first?
My God, how endless is thy love (Thomas Busby)
My God, what endless pleasures dwell
My song shall be (Jeremiah Clarke)
My soul truly waiteth still upon God (Adrian Batten)
Nations shall do him service (Wenzel Müller)
Non Nobis Domine (Robert Bremner)
Not one sparrow (Shaker Hymn)
Not to Jerusalem alone
Not unto us (Henry Aldrich
O for a thousand tongues to sing
O happy band of pilgrims
O how amiable (Vaughan Richardson)
O hold thou me up (Benedetto Marcello)
O Jerusalem, Jerusalem (Thomas Anstey)
O Lord in thee is all my trust (Thomas Causton)
O Lord my God, I will exalt thee (Christopher Tye)
O Lord, thou hast searched me out (William Croft)
O Love that casts out fear
O praise God in his holiness (John Weldon)
O praise the Lord (John Alcock, Sr.)
O praise the Lord (John Weldon)
O sing unto the Lord (John Clarke-Whitfeld)
Oh, that I had wings like a dove (James Kent)
On opening our organ, November 9th, 1822
Our Father and Mother in heaven (Earnest Prayer)
Parent of good! we rest on thee
Parent of good! thy bounteous hand
Parent of good, thy works of might
Peace, be still (Emma Louise Ashford)
Praise the Lord, O my soul (Robert Okeland)
Praise the Lord with cheerful noise
Praise the Lord ye servants (Robert Bremner)
Pray for the peace of Jerusalem (Vincent Novello)
Prayse hym in the symbales and daunces (Robert Whyte)
Psalm 47 (John Broderip)
Rejoice! the Lord is King (John Goss)
Rejoice! the Lord is King (John Jones)
Remember thy Creator (Robert Topliff)
Resignation (Shaker Hymn)
Rest in the Lord (Emma Louise Ashford)
Ruth & Naomi (Robert Topliff)
Saint Thekla
Shine forth eternal Source
Sing unto the Lord a new song (Vincent Novello)
Sing, O heavens (James Kent)
Sound the loud timbrel (Charles Avison)
Strike the cymbal (Vincenza Pucitta) Sweet hymns and songs will I recite
Teach me, O Lord, the way of thy statutes (Benjamin Rogers)
Teach me thy way, O Lord (William Fox)
The Actes of the Apostles (Christopher Tye)
The Beatitudes (Shaker Hymn)
The bitter withy
The earthly paradise
The Lord of life my shepherd is
The Lord, the Universal King (Robert Broderip)
The sun that walks his airy way (Bennedetto Marcello)
The winter's sleep was long and deep (Christopher Tye)
Thine, O Lord, is the greatness (James Kent)
Thou art the way, by thee alone
Through the creatures thou hast made
Unto thee, O Lord (Charles King)
When lost in wonder (Samuel Webbe)
Why art thou so heavy, O my soul? (Henry Loosemore)
King David and Musicians, Vespasian Psalter fol. 30v, 14th. century. Image courtesy of Wikipedia Commons
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