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Broderip, The Lord, the Universal King
In 1220 Maurice de Gaunt founded St. Mark's Hospital in Bristol to care for the sick and poor in connection with the Abbey of St. Augustine. Not wishing for the city to be without a hospital, the Mayor and Corporation purchased St. Mark's Hospital and its Chapel in 1540 following the Dissolution of the Monasteries. From 1590 to 1767 the site of the former monastic buildings was occupied by a public school, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, who used St. Mark's Chapel as their school chapel. In 1721 Following disputes with the Cathedral and St. Mary Redcliffe the Mayor and Corporation began to use the Chapel for civic services, and since then it has been known as the Lord Mayor's Chapel. It is the only such civic chapel in the world. Robert Broderip (c. 1758-1808), son of the organist of Wells Cathedral, was organist of the Lord Mayor's Chapel from 1780 to 1793, where he presided over a 3-manual John Byfield organ. Here is his setting of verses 19-22 of Psalm 103 in Tate & Brady's New Version of 1696.

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North Transept and Tower, Parish Church of St. Mark, otherwise known as the Lord Mayor's Chapel, Bristol
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