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Attwood, Almighty Lord dispose each mind
This hymn-anthem comes from A Collection of Hymns [...], Selected by John Page, Conductor of the Music of the Anniversary Meetings of the Charity Schools (London, 1804), and was written for the Anniversary Meeting of the London Charity Schools, held yearly in St. Paul's Cathedral. This was a major fundraising event, and the quality of the orphans' singing was often extremely high. Mendelssohn was moved to tears by the beauty of the music when he attended one such occasion. The text was written by Robert McClellan, the enlightened Resident Apothecary of the Foundling Hospital from 1759 to 1797. McClellan was a pioneer of modern pediatric medicine and the regard in which he was held by the trustees was reflected in his unusually high salary. He also wrote a Christmas hymn for the Foundling Hospital beginning, "Rejoice, the promised Saviour's come."The original setting of this text was by John Printer, a Blind Foundling who was later a successful professional singer. This hymn-anthem is a later setting by Thomas Attwood, Organist of St. Paul's Cathedral.


Anniversary Meeting of the London Charity Schools in St. Paul's Cathedral. Drawn by G. R. Roberts, engraved by A. H. Payne, circa 1840

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