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Tye, The Actes of the Apostles
Christopher Tye is often considered "The Father of the English Anthem." A contribution toward this was his metrical version of the Book of Acts, partly completed and published as The Actes of the Apostles, translated into Englyshe Metre, and dedicated to the kynges most excellent Maiestye, by Christofer Tye, Doctor in Musyke, and one of the Gentylmen of hys graces moste honourable Chappell, wyth notes to eche Chapter, to synge and also to play vpon the Lute, very necessarye for studentes after theyr studye, to fyle theyr wyttes, and also for all Christians that cannot synge, to reade the good and Godlye storyes of the lyues of Christ hys Appostles (London, 1553). The unfortunate thing is that rather than getting a poet to write the metrical version, Tye attempted the job himself, and his texts were disastrously poor. An example may be found here:


Examples of Tye's music making use of other texts may be found on my website here:

Hark the glad sound, the Savior comes
O Holy Spirit, Lord of grace
O Lord my God, I will exalt thee
The Lord will come and not be slow
The winter's sleep was long and deep

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