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Hymns and anthems suitable for Evening Prayer, Vespers or Compline.

Thomas Attwood, Magnificat in C
Edward Bairstow, Save us, O Lord, waking
Hugh Blair, Save us, O Lord, while waking
Edward Bunnett, Nunc Dimittis in F
Thomas Busby, My God how endless is thy Love
Robert Creighton, Behold, now praise the Lord
John Henry Hopkins, Jr., Phos Hilaron
Charles King, Magnificat in F major
Charles King, Nunc dimittis in F major
Emilio Vincenzio Pieraccini, Before the ending of the day
Salvator Mundi Domine
Geoffrey Shaw, Phos Hilaron
John Stainer, Phos Hilaron
1979 Thomas Tallis Preces
1979 Thomas Tallis Suffrages
Frederick Wadely, O loving Saviour, Lord of all
Ralph Vaughan Williams, Phos Hilaron
Charles Wood, Phos Hilaron
You, who the Lord adore (Psalm 134)

Alessandro Botticelli (c. 1445-1510), "The Madonna of the Magnificat"
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