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Hymns, anthems and other music for easter.

The photograph shows the Resurrection, depicted on a benchend carved in 1523 by Simon Warman of Taunton at the Parish Church of St. Peter & St. Paul, Bishops Hull, Somerset, restored in memory of my father. The risen Christ steps from the tomb over sleeping Roman soldiers. In the lower part of the carving, the pelican is feeding her young, a medieval symbol of Resurrection.

Among the hymns and carols in the Easter section you will find a number of texts by nineteenth-century English and American Anglo-Catholics who were steeped in the Patristic tradition. The tendency today within mainstream Christianity is to move away from the concept of the Sacrificial Atonement. In espousing the older Patristic concept of the triumph of Christ over the forces of darkness, some of these hymns and carols might prove more suitable than certain of the more familiar texts in commonly used hymnals.

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