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Meineke, Gloria Patri
Charles Meineke (1782-1850), whose first name is variously given as Charles, Karl, Christopher and Christoph, was born in Germany, the son of Karl Meineke, organist of Oldenburg. He came to The USA at the age of 18 in 1800, and settled in Baltimore, where he was the organist of St. Paul's Episcopal Church.

Before the widespread introduction of Anglican Chant, it was customary to say the psalm in Episcopal Churches and to follow the recitation with a sung Gloria Patri. A number of these were written by musicians such as Charles Meineke and Henry W. Greatorex, and these are in use in some denominations even today.

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The organ built by George Pike England of London in 1804 for St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Baltimore and now at St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Church, Taneytown, Maryland
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