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O Jesus my Saviour, I fain would embrace
The title of this carol is found in the index of a manuscript of carols that formerly belonged to Joseph Willcox (b.1823), of Coombe Keynes, Dorset and dating from the 1830s or 1840s. The anonymous text is taken from a broadsheet of carols published by Pitts, printer of Seven Dials, London [Bodleian Library, Harding Collection B7 (42).] I have been unable to locate a tune for the text.

O Jesus my Saviour, I fain would embrace,
Thy name and thy nature, thy spirit and grace,
And trace the fair footsteps of Jesus my Lord,
And glory to him whom the nations abhorred.

O wonder of wonders! Astonished I gaze,
To see in the manger the Ancient of Days,
And angels proclaiming the Stranger forlorn,
And telling the shepherds that Jesus is born.

My God, my Creator, the heavens did bow,
To ransom offenders he stooped very low;
My spirit rejoices, the work it is done:
My soul is redeemed and salvation is won.

O help me, ye angels, his love to proclaim,
From realms of high glory most joyful he came;
For thousands of sinners the Lord bowed his head,
For thousands of sinners he groaned and he died.

Our God is returned to his glory on high,
All worthy the Lamb is the theme of the sky;
Let earth hoin with heaven and sing with acclaim,
Hallelujah to God, and all worthy the Lamb.

The village of Coombe Keynes, near Wareham, Dorset. Image copyright John Lamper and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence
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