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Hail! Prince of Peace and King of kings
The title of this carol is found in the index of a manuscript of carols that formerly belonged to Joseph Willcox (b.1823), of Coombe Keynes, Dorset and dating from the 1830s or 1840s. The rest of the anonymous text was published in Hymns of Praise (1853) I have been unable to locate a tune for the text.

Hail! Prince of peace, and King of kings,
Thou sov’reign Lord of all!
Thy glories each archangel sings,
And seraphs near thee fall.

And shall the sons of favoured man
Whose ruin called thee down,
Not stand the foremost in the van
Of those who own thy crown.

All sceptres, honours, thrones, are thine;
Let princes low adore;
The travels of thy victory shine
With lustre evermore.

Let all that range the etherial plains
Or dwell upon this earth;
With harps of gold, in unknown strains,
Chant the Redeemer’s birth.

Lord, lo! we come with lisping tongues
To celebrate thy fame;
But where are words or human songs
Can speak thy wondrous name.

Light, life, and love, and Lord of all,
In heaven, and earth, and seas —
Thou, thou shall rule this earthly ball,
Eternal Prince of peace.

The village of Coombe Keynes, near Wareham, Dorset. Image © copyright John Lamper and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence
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