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The King of Glory sends his Son
This carol was published in Penzance in 1870 by Frederick W. Rodda in A Selection of Carols, Pieces and Anthems, suitable for Christmas. It is also found a broadside in the Bodleian Library [Harding B.7 (5)] printed in Devonport for S. & J. Keys, 7 James Street, Devonport, and also sold by W. Burridge of Truro and J. Perrow of St. Austle [sic.]. In the absence of the authentic tune, I have arranged it to one of several tunes with Cornish names composed by the Brentford, Essex organist Arthur H. Brown. Brown seems to have had some kind of relationship with Cornish musicians and music, but I have been unable to determine precisely what this relationship was.

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