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Where is this stupendous Stranger?
The text of this carol, by the Rev. Christopher Smart, is found on a broadside in the Bodleian Library [Harding B.17 (16)] printed in Devonport for S. & J. Keys, Devonport, and also sold by R. Stone of Exeter and M. A. Reed of St. Newport, Monmouthshire. It seems to have been sung in both Devon and Cornwall, as well as in South Wales. The tune is one of a series written by Arthur H. Brown with Cornish names. The Episcopal Hymnal of 1982 has replaced the reference to "nymphs of Solyma advise" with the line, "Prophets, shepherds, kings, advise." Smart doubtless meant to refer to the opening lines of Alexander Pope's poem, The Messiah: "Ye Nymphs of Solyma begin the song: To heavenly themes sublimer strains belong," meaning the Daughters of Jerusalem.

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"Daughters of Jerusalem," woodcut by Charlton Nesbit (1775-1838)
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