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The Seven Virgins
This widely sung passiontide carol was included in Joshua Sylvester's [pseud.] A Garland of Christmas Carols (1861), believed to have been jointly authored by William Sandys and William Henry Husk. William Sandys was Commissioner of Affadavits in the Cornish Stannary Court, and was descended from a distinguished family from St. Minver, Cornwall. The carol was printed by Sir Arthur T. Quiller-Couch in The Cornish Magazine, Vol. 1 (1898), pp. 438-40. The carol is based on John 19: 26-27, "Mother, behold thy Son; Son, behold thy mother." The carol was also sung in many other parts of England. It is found in a broadsheet printed by William Pratt of Birmingham, and also in Edith Rickert's Ancient English Carols, 1400-1700 (1915).

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"Seven Virgins," illustration by R. Morton Nance from Sir Arthur T. Quiller-Couch, "The Seven Virgins: An Old Carol," in The Cornish Magazine, Vol. 1 (1898), pp. 439
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