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With what resplendent beauty shone (Cornwall / Michigan / Australia)
This text, for which I have been unable to find a tune, seems first to have appeared in The Evangelical Magazine for 1795, and was apparently sung in nineteenth-century Cornwall. It was sung by the Cornish Choir of Painesdale Methodist Church in Michigan (recording in the Library of Congress) and also appears to have been sung in Ironwood, Michigan (Ironwood Daily Globe December 23, 1938, p. 6). It was also sung in Australia (North Melbourne Advertiser, December 11, 1891, p. 2.)

1 With what resplendent beauty shone
That long expected morn,
When Jesus, God's incarnate Son,
The Lord of life, was born!

2 Celestial hosts, arrayed in light,
With glory mark their way,
As down to earth they bend their flight,
And hail th' auspicious day.

3 “Glory to God,” they rapturous sing
Through all the heights of heaven,
“Tidings of joy to men we bring,
And peace on earth is given.”

4 “Glory to God,” let all our tongues
Re-echo to their lays;
Such grace demands our loftiest songs,
And all our powers of praise!

5 For guilty man, with pity moved.
The Saviour leaves the skies;
And here, to show how much he loved,
A bleeding victim dies:

6 But dies to save; Salvation now
Is our perpetual theme;
Our veiling souls to Jesus bow,
And triumph in his name.

7 Salvation ! let the joyful news
Through all the nations run;
Gentiles believe, and stubborn Jews
Their great Messiah own.

8 From world to world, through boundless space
May the glad tidings fly;
And myriads sound the Saviour's praise
To the remotest sky!

9 Thus shall his dear delightful name
Then dwell on every tongue:
While angels round his throne proclaim
Salvation in their song.

Painesdale Methodist Church, Painesdale, in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan
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