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Sheep of Christ's redeemed flock
The text of this carolis found only on a broadside in the Bodleian Library [Harding B.17 (16)] printed in Devonport for S. & J. Keys, Devonport, and also sold by R. Stone of Exeter and M. A. Reed of St. Newport, Monmouthshire. It seems to have been sung in both Devon and Cornwall, as well as in South Wales. The tune is one of a series written by Arthur H. Brown with Cornish names. Oddly enough, for reasons known only to himself, Arthur H. Brown wrote no fewer than three different tunes with the name, "St. Austell," one in one in and one in meter.

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"The Good Shepherd," fresco of cicrca 200 C.E. from the catacomb of Domatilla, Rome. Early Christian depictions show the Good Shepherd as a strapping, clean-shaven lad carrying a sheep over his shoulder. Image courtesy of Wikppedia Commons
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