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Hark! hark! what news (Version 2)
This version was collected by Dr. Dunstan from his brother-in-law, Captain Thomas Collett (b. 1849) on 8 March 1929. Collett recalled hearing it from two Cornishmen, one from Mabe and the other from Flushing, at Honey Bees' Ness between Orange River andKimberley. The title "Captain" was an honourific one applied to a man who had charge over a Cornish mine. Collett's mine must have gone out of business, for by the 1901 Census he is reported as living at Perranzubaloe, near Truro, and working as a foreman for the Great Western Railway. It is interesting that someone working for the Great Western Railway should have had the same surname as the mechanical engineer Charles Benjamin Collett, but in fact they were no relation since the latter's forebears came from Worcestershire.

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The Ruins of St. Piran's Oratory, Perranzubaloe, near Truro, Cornwall
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