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When bloody Herod reignèd king
The text is first found in a late seventeenth-century broadside in the Roxburghe Collection [J. Woodfall Ebsworth, Roxburghe Ballads: Illustrating the Last Years of the Stuarts, Vol. 7 (Hertford, 1890), pp. 777-778.] According to Joshua Sylvester [pseud.] in A Garland of Christmas Carols Ancient and Modern (London, 1861), who reprints the last two stanzas, this was a carol sung in Devon and Cornwall. Ebsworth appears to suggest that it was originally a carol written for St. John's the Evangelist's day, a suggestion that I find totally mystifying. He says the tune used was "Oh no, oh no, not yet," a tune I have been unable to find, so I have substituted another English carol melody, "God give ye merry Christmastide."

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"The Beheading of John the Baptist," by Peter Paul Rubens (1577-1640)
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