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Awake with joy, salute the morn!
This popular anonymous West Cornish text has been set to several tunes. It is found in Ralph Dunstan's collection set to a tune from Richard Jones, The Cornubian Tune Book, A Manual of Hymn Tunes, Carols, Sanctuses, etc., composed by Richard Jones. (Penzance: William Cornish, 1870). There is a recording of this carol, made in Camborne Parish Church, in the Bob and Jacqueline Patten Folk Music Collection in the British Library.

The carol was also taken to Australia by the Cornish miners, and the version I have reproduced here is found, to another West Cornish tune, arranged by J. H. Thomas, in a collection of Cornish carols called The Christmas Welcome (Moonta, South Australia, 1893).

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The old mining town of Moonta in South Australia is sometimes referred to as "Australia's Little Cornwall," and is studded with disused mines, resulting in a landscape not unlike that of Cornwall. This Methodist Church could also equally well belong in Cornwall. Image courtesy of Wikipedia Commons
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