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Awake, arise behold the day

James William Elliott (1833-1915) was best known as a collector of nursery rhymes and co-editor of Mother Goose's Nursery Rhymes and Nursery Songs Set to Music. His tune, "Church Triumphant" is first found in Church Hymns (1874) of which, at Sir Arthur Sullivan's instigation, Elliott was musical editor. Born in Leamington Spa, he became organist of a number of churches including Banbury and St. John's Wood.

The text of this carol is found in A Selection of Carols, Pieces, and Anthems, Suitable for Christmas. London: W. Kent & Co.; Penzance: F. Rodda, ca. 1872. It seems to have been sung to J. W. Elliott's tune "Church Triumphant," which I grew up singing to John Mason Neale's hymn, "Again the Lord's own day is here."

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