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Rejoice! rejoice! the promised Saviour comes

This Christmas hymn is found in Jane Clarke (ed.) Select Portions of Psalms and Hymns set to Music ... as sung at Oxford, Welbeck & Portland Chapels, St. Mary Le-Bone (London, 1805). The text appears to be a variant of Philip Doddridge's well-known hymn, "High let us swell our tuneful notes." The composer is given as "Mr. Parrin," and there are a number of possibilities as to whom this may have been (1) Robert Parrin, Sr. (d. 1771), Organist of Lancaster Priory; (2) Robert Parrin, Jr. (fl. 1820), Organist of Lancaster Priory and uncle of the zoologist Sir Richard Owen; (3) George F. Parrin (fl. 1820), who produced a Hymn Book used in St. Andrew's, Penrith, arranged for the Principal Festivals and Feasts, by Mr. Parrin, Organist (Penrith, 1816); or (4) J. A. Parrin (fl. 1820), a London composer of gleas and popular songs.

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William Hogarth's "Industry and Idleness," showing the interior of Oxford Chapel, Marylebone (now known as St. Peter's, Vere Street)
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