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Rejoice! the promised Saviour's come
The text of this Christmas carol was written by Robert McClellan, the enlightened Resident Apothecary of the Foundling Hospital from 1759 to 1797. McClellan was a pioneer of modern pediatric medicine and the regard in which he was held by the trustees was reflected in his unusually high salary. The text was originally set to music by Dr. Benjamin Cooke, Organist of Westminster Abbey. The carol was sung annually at Christmas at the Foundling Hospital and seems still to have been in use at the beginning of the twentieth century. In a slightly variant form it was collected in Britford, Wiltshire by Geoffrey Hill in 1898, where it had presumably been taken by a former orphan from the Foundling Hospital. Hill also reproduced the tune, but I am uncertain whether or not this is the same as the one written by Dr. Cooke.

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"Christmas Carols at the Foundling Hospital" by William Hatherell, 1891
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