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These seem to work best for psalms that have a number of verses that are divisible by three, though they can be accommodated to others by repeating the third, or second and third sections.

Harry E. Wall (b. 1871) who wrote a triple chant in D major, was organist successively of Woburn Sands Parish Church, Bedfordshire 1884-1887; Rodmersham Church, Sittingbourne, Kent, 1897-1898; East Farleigh Church, Maidstone Kent, 1898-1903; St. Michael's, Burleigh Street, London, 1903-1904; and St. Paul's, Covent Garden, London, 1904-.

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R. Smith (fl. 1891) wrote a triple chant in E major.

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St. Nicholas Parish Church, Rodmersham, Kent, 1881
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