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--- Early Chants
The below chant written by Thomas Tallis in 1550 is probably the oldest chant still in use in the twenty-first century. It conforms to the Rule of 3 & 5 (by no means standard at the time it was written) but is printed here in its original SAATB form with the melody in the Tenor. The Tenor part was, of course, the predominant voice in the late medieval and early renaissance periods, and the Soprano only began to predominate in the classical period.

Beneath is Pelham Humfrey's "Grand Chant" as written with its original, slightly odd, harmony and also with the melody in the Tenor.
Wenceslaus Hollar (1607-1677), "The Choir of Old St. Paul's Cathedral," engraving from William Dugdale, The History of St. Paul's Cathedral, 1658
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