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Introduction of Double Chants
The earliest chants were single chants, and there is some uncertainly about when the first double chant -- using the Rule of 3-and-5 twice over -- was composed. The first double chant is sometimes ascribed to the Rev. Luke Flintoff (1678-1727), who was a Minor Canon of Westminster Abbey. In fact he seems to have written or adapted at least two double chants, and one of them may be found set to Psalm 12 in my online Psalter here.

Another candidate for the composer of the first double chant is William Morley (d. 1731), a Gentleman of the Chapel Royal, who composed a pair of double chants in D minor and D major. These are sometimes erroneously attributed to the more famous Thomas Morley (1557-1604), but the chant in question was written a century after his time. In my online Psalter this pair of chants is set to Psalm 18 here. A couple of double chants are also ascribed to Dean Aldrich (1647-1710).

A third hypothesis is that the first double chant was strung together from two separate single chants by William Turner (1651-1739) and Henry Aldrich (1647-1710). The organist responsible for stringing them together is said to have been accomplished by a certain Mr. Maverley, a resourceful pupil of Mr. Hine, the organist of Gloucester Cathedral, in around 1725. The chants in question may be found here.

Whoever may have been responsible, the first double Anglican chants seem to date from around the year 1700.
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