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The Lehigh Valley Railroad was in some ways quite progressive in its locomotive policy. It was responsible for the first 2-8-0 locomotive in the world, "Consolidation" and also the first 4-8-0, "Champion."
A view of the Sayre Locomotive Works of the Lehigh Valley Railroad in around 1918.
Otto Kuhler-styled Streamlined K-5bs "Pacific" locomotives were introduced on Lehigh Valley named expresses in 1939.
LVRR "Consolidation" -- the first 2-8-0 locomotive -- built by Baldwin Locomotive Works, 1866. For this reason, 2-8-0's are called "Consolidations."
LVRR "Champion" -- the first 4-8-0 locomotive -- built at the LVRR shops to the design of Philip Hoffecker, 1882. 4-8-0's were named "Mastodons" after an engine built for the Central Pacific Railroad later the same year.
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